Pikashow APK [Latest v84] For Android – Free Download

We’ve all seen the agony of trying to find the perfect video app for our tablets. We just want the best for our phones, with no bugs or errors that could damage them. Thousands of applications are available for download that offer services close to those provided by television. Just a few applications, however, will satisfy all of your requirements. A number of streaming apps charge a fee to register or require membership. As we all know, this irritates consumers. What if we told you that there is an app that can give you all of the functionality that a traditional app can’t? You’ll need Pikashow APK to get the most out of your streaming experience.

What is Pikashow?

The application’s main aim is to provide the best viewing options to viewers who have very busy or hectic schedules and are unable to watch their favorite television shows due to this or other factors. Pikashow offers the most up-to-date and high-quality streaming to its users. Furthermore, the user interface is so simple that nothing seems difficult, and thousands of users have praised the fast search feature. It helps you save time. Pikashow, on the other hand, organizes the networks into groups.

If you want to watch sports, go to the sports section and it will show you all of your choices. However, if you want to watch anything else, such as drama, TV shows, or movies, don’t worry; it will provide you with all of the big categories of entertainment in one app.

For IPL Lovers:

Another goal of the application is to provide cricket fans, especially IPL fans, with some relaxation while watching IPL matches. Pikashow APK is currently one of the best IPL streaming applications available. Provides the highest possible streaming efficiency, with no buffering to interrupt your stream. You will watch other TV shows and dramas in the app in addition to the IPL. The application is a one-stop shop for cricket and movie fans alike. Many fans in the world already getting benefits from the app by cheering their favorite team through it.

Download Movies too:

It isn’t just an application for broadcasting IPL matches. You can, however, watch other entertainment-related material. For example, if you want to watch your favorite TV shows or channels. Simply download Pikashow APK and all of your streaming problems will be resolved. The best thing is you can also download your favorite Movies through it and watch them anytime and anywhere you want.

Everything in the applications offers a quality stream. even if you have a slow internet connection. The application still finds a way to provide to best possible stream quality. We know that there are applications that give you the same services as the stream but when it comes to slow internet connections, the buffering problems rise and spoil all of the moods to watch TV shows or movies. But here in Pikashow, you don’t need to worry about this thing, the app has got your back.

App Info:

App NamePikashow
Size14 MB
Current VersionV84
PriceFree of cost


Is it safe to use?

Pikashow is 100% safe to use. There are no errors in it or malware that can harm your phone or affect its performance but you have to keep the antivirus for safety purposes. We know how badly you are affected by the applications that claim to be safe but internally damage your phone. But not in Pikashow’s case. It is working and running 100%.

Is it final or updates are on the way?

Yes, Pikashow is the application that doesn’t slip any chance for improvement. So, don’t worry. All types of updates will take place when you use the application. whether these are for interface or addition in channels. Everything will be available for you in Pikashow App.

From where we can Pikashow APK — Free Download?

You can download the application on this website by just clicking the download button. As we all know that Pikashow is a third-party application, so you need other sources to download the app but we will recommend you to download the application from this website as it is safe.

Can we request the channel?

Yes, you can request a channel if you cannot find your desired channel in the application. although, there are very fewer chances of that but still if you are having a problem finding your channel you can request the channel and the Pikashow team will do their best to solve the issues. So why wait? Download the application and enjoy all the features.



1) Best Quantity of channels:

Pikashow is the application that provides the users best services of TV in their pocket through the application that is versatile and best in terms of streaming. It has 100s of channels to stream in it. you can watch any type of channel here. there is no restriction of channels here. you can stream whatever you want. The main purpose is to entertain the viewers.

2) Watch TV Shows and Movies:

Yes, you understood that correctly. The Pikashow application is more than just a television. You can, in reality, watch your favorite films, shows, and dramas. There are no restrictions on what you can do. You have complete freedom to watch whatever you want. Plus, they’re all in high definition. You will, however, watch other forms of entertainment.

If you want to watch your favorite TV shows or channels, for example. All of your streaming issues will be solved once you download Pikashow APK. The best part is that you can use it to download your favorite movies and watch them whenever and wherever you want.

3) Categorization in Pikashow:

PikashowAPK also has a good aspect in that it provides a lot of variety to its users. The categorization of networks, as well as their division into types and age groups, is referred to as variety. Pikashow is open to people of all ages; there are no age limits or content that is offensive. It has everything you want to watch on the internet, so go ahead and watch whatever you want. In addition, Pikashow categorizes all of its channels. You can easily navigate any of the platforms.

4) Pikashow has Friendly Interface:

The interface is extremely user-friendly and appealing. That is also its most prominent feature. The user will be drawn to the application after just one use. We know that there are applications that give the services but don’t care about the interface and it irritates the users sometimes while using the application.

5) Free & Safe:

We understand that an application of this caliber, which provides so many services and functionality, must charge at least something. No, it’s not the case. The software is completely free to use. There will be no fee of any kind. Plus, it is also safe to use.

App Screenshots:


The app saves time and provides convenience to consumers who are unable to attend or watch their favorite TV shows due to their hectic and busy schedules. The app is free and stable, and it’s now available for PC users as well.

Pikashow APK is a fantastic application for use on Android without having to pay a fee to stream. Absolutely free, with a wide range of platforms, as well as is completely safe and simple to download. Do not squander your time. Simply download and watch Pikashow!